This page is intended to introduce this Japanese private recovery organization, Oneness Group, to foreigners (especially to professionals in the field).
Some Japanese fluency (enough to communicate with the
staff and peers) is needed to use our services.

About Oneness Group

Oneness Group is a private organization formed and
operated mostly
by people in recovery.
From a
perspective of recovery in action, we call and strive for a
friendly and inclusive of
people with challenges
such as addiction.

Oneness Philosophy

– the most precious gift upon us never to be squandered.
That is our code.

This dear LIFE is a seedling planted in our garden: community. It needs a soil of love, light of honesty, water of actions, and air of harmony. These elements are all essential to foster the seedlings. The seedlings take robust roots (their unique roles) in the shared ground of love, help and respect one another to form a huge trunk, and mature into a colossal tree with dignity and self-esteem.

The fruits of the tree ripen to bear experience, strength, and hope, fall and return to the affectionate ground. LIFE, now a big tree, foster many young seedlings. Younger seedlings planted later become grandeur trees bearing fruits and return to soil. This sequence saves many LIVES and help them reorient so that they can grow together into a right livelihood. We are and will not be plagued by the malady of isolation and wither any more. We stand tall as mighty trees, shine like the brilliant sun, and flourish in beauty and happiness.

Here is our purpose: encouraging as many people who knock our door as possible to realize and embrace this truth.

Message from Co-Presidents

Co-Presidents of
Oneness Group Foundation

(Right)ITO Hiroki(Left)MIYAKE Takayuki(Right)ITO Hiroki

We, Oneness Group Foundation, started its operation in Nara in 2005, as a rehabilitation center for drug addiction. The group has continued to grow since then together with individuals and their families we have supported. We have explored larger fields to include alcohol and gambling addictions and developed a treatment center as well as services tailored toward women struggling with addiction, whose resources remain scarce in the country.
Our alumni who completed our programs return to their home, office, and community. They continue to lead a new way of life. Some of them are motivated to join our staff and seek a professional credentialing. This is the fruit we harvest and what we take pride in. Despite its complexity, we strongly believe that everyone can recover from addiction. With this unwavering mindset, we continue to commit ourselves to treatment and prevention (as well as relapse prevention) activities and contribute to creating safety net in the community. That is the mission for all of the staff.

Our logo represents…

依存症経験者の視点で「生きやすい」社会づくりを目指す ONENESS GROUP ワンネスグループ

Many colors and shapes of circles overlay each other in our logo
– this truly represents who we are and what we do.

We all became addicted, be it alcohol, drug, gambling, and/or online gaming. And most of us have had some sense of feeling difficult for living day-to-day even before the first encounter with the object of addiction. Of course, what was difficult about is individual – trauma from the past, social environment, age, gender, physical or mental disabilities, and/or other diseases. But we all wished to let go of this “difficulties” as we continued our life.

At a therapeutic community in United States that we model, Amity, they set up the chairs for meetings in a circle and their tables are also shaped circular. Everyone is included and respected in the circle.

We, having addiction, all isolated ourselves.
Our struggle may be considered as the consequences from what we did that we must bear.

It is true that we caused myriad of problems that involved other people.
But our addiction hurt ourselves most.

Oneness Group, an organization of and for people in recovery, wants to focus on this fact.

You are all right now. You are not alone anymore.

Anyone with addiction shall not be excluded from our community. This is our philosophy.

Oneness Group Five Features

ComprehensiveSolution ToIssues Around AddictionGlobal-StandardProgramsTherapeutic Community ModalityFamily SupportProgramsPublicEducationHelpline &Help DeskRehabilitationinto Community(Job Placement Support)
  • Global-Standard ProgramsThrough combination of latest methodology such as NLP and the Gorsky Method, along with conventional programs, our clients learn what addiction means and how to let go of it.

  • Rehabilitation into Community
    (Job Placement Support)
    The group runs Rancho Uno, a farm project where our clients and alumni work, as well as a comprehensive support system to go back to community and find a job.

  • Public Education Helpline & Help DeskRight knowledge is prevention and the first step to solution. We carry out public seminars and are invited to schools and corporations for lectures.
    We also carry free helpline via telephone and email, which receive 2,000 inquiries annually.

  • Family Support ProgramsAddiction is also a family disease. In our Oneness Family Group sessions and workshops, family members can learn how their loved one recover in and after our center; how family can better communicate with them; what it takes for them to look into and take care of themselves.

  • Therapeutic Community ModalityOur rehabilitation centers adopt the therapeutic community (TC) model, where the recovery and its how-to is relayed from old-timers to newcomers and residents support each other while sharing their strengths, problems, and life itself.

Major events in the
Oneness Group history

Opened our first rehabilitation center (currently Nara GARDEN)
Designated by the Nara Bar Association as a training facility for judicial apprentices
Acquired a generally incorporated association status (then KURA Incorporated)
Organized various seminars in cooperation with Nara Prefecture
Opened Serenity Award, a night-care dormitory
Re-opened the day-care center as Healing Garden Care Center
Our Founder, YAZAWA Yuji, was invited by Ryukoku University as an ad-hoc researcher to
be involved in their program for supporting people in recovery (program facilitator training, etc.)
Yuji received Nara Award for Human Rights and Cultural Excellency
Opened Serenity House a night-care dorm
Started Ranch Kura, a farming project
Opened Serenity Park Japan (SPJ), the first gambling-specific rehab center in Western Japan Opened a night-care dorm, Joe McQ House
Contracted with Justice Ministry as a transitory rehabilitation center for ex-convicts
Renamed the organization to GARDEN, Inc.
Opened Family Intervention Center to work with family to motivate their loved one
Opened another dorm, PROUD, under SPJ (and more dorms subsequently opened)
Opened SPJ Okinawa, Inc.
Opened GARDEN Cebu-Mactan Center
Set up Oneness Group Foundation as a holding entity for all corporations
Opened our women’s rehab center, FLOWER GARDEN
Opened another local facility, SPJ Nagoya
Started Arrow Publishing, Inc. (currently Oneness Publishing)
Started a toll-free telephone/email helpline, Oneness Addiction Helpline
Held the first gambling-specific counselor certification training with IGCCB
(International Gambling Counselor Certification Board) in Japan
Celebrated its decade-long activities
Opened THE ONENESS PLACE as a high-end rehabilitation center
Our founder Yuji was appointed to an international commissioner by ICCE
(currently, GCCC = Global Centre for Credentialing and Certification)
Opened ONENESS DIVERSION CENTER, a function that encourages alternative judicial
system and help perpetrators with addiction recover
Held the first ICCE (International Centre for Credentialing and Education of Addiction
Professionals) training in Japan
Invited a trainer from Amity, a successful US therapeutic community and
held an inhouse training
Opened Okinawa GARDEN
Started the weekend outpatient program course
Expanded the helpline service to include a social media app, LINE
Started a Youtube channel: Oneness Group’s You Oughta Know Addiction
Yuji retired; ITO Hiroki and MIYAKE Takayuki jointly came in as the co-presidents
Hiroki was awarded by Osaka Area Correctional System Director with a letter of thanks
Rancho KURA was reorganized into Rancho UNO with extended farming and level of care
Opened Oneness Yokohama Office (Yokohama Center for Problem Gambling)
Opened Oneness Osaka Office (Osaka Center for Problem Gambling)
Awarded with Nippon Foundation Award in the social contribution area by FESCO
(Federation for Social Contribution)
OBERHEIM Yoko was recognized and thanked by Katano Girls’ Reformatory Center for
her contribution to drug demand reduction program
Takayuki was appointed to an expert member in Osaka Prefectural & Municipal Joint
Commission for Addiction (Gambling, etc.)
IDA Tadaomi, our director for Kyushu-Okinawa district, was elected to a councilor for
Okinawa Association for Criminal Rehabilitation
Held FLOWER GARDEN's 5-year anniversary forum
Started ONENESS FAMILY GROUPS in Sapporo, Sendai, and Fukuoka, building a nation-wide network of families
Also started workshops for families to learn how to engage with their loved ones and among themselves
Opened our Sapporo office
Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Group's creation
Opened Oneness Group Chigasaki office (Kanagawa Prefecture)